A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend

season 1
, 7 episodes

Sam is a genius app developer working at Future Lens. Sid, his boss, is an out-and-out megalomaniac who makes Sam's life a living hell. But Sam won't let that come in the way of his dream project. He's out to prove to the world that he is the greatest Artificial Intelligence app developer. But things take a turn for the worse when A.I.SHA develops a mind of her own.

Episodes in A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend

  • A.I.SHA | Episode 1

    Sam, the genius app developer is secretly building his own perfect A.I app. What happens when Sid, his boss from hell, finds out?

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  • A.I.SHA | Episode 2

    Sam stays up nights training and perfecting his smart A.I. Sid fires his CTO and is forced to now work closely with Sam. Things are finally looking up for Sam or are they?

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  • A.I.SHA | Episode 3

    Sam’s relationship takes a new turn as she gets him ready for romance. Will Sam get the girl of his dreams or is there another man? Meanwhile, Sidhu has a devious plan.

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  • A.I.SHA | Episode 4

    Sam’s life is spinning out of control. Not only has Kriti developed feelings for Sid but Siddhu also threatens him about A.I.SHA. Will Sam be able to keep A.I.SHA safe?

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  • A.I.SHA | Episode 5

    Why is A.I.SHA messing with Sam? Watch Episode 5 of A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend to find out.

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  • A.I.SHA | Episode 6

    Was creating A.I.SHA Sam's biggest mistake?

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  • A.I.SHA | Season Finale

    Sid, Sam or A.I.SHA, who is going to win this game? Watch the season finale of A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend.

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