Understanding Arré content rating
Procedure to file a complaint

Ratings G – Program is suitable for general viewing 13+ – Program is suitable for ages 13 and above 16+ – Program is suitable for ages 15 and above 18+ – Program is suitable for ages 18 and above
  G 13+ 16+ 18+
Theme Program is appropriate for all age groups. Parents may allow their children to watch it. Program is for mature audiences, parents should take precautions and learn more about the Program before allowing their children to watch the Program. Program is not intended for children and may contain mature, sexual or suggestive themes Program is suitable only for adults aged 18 and above, contains mature, sexual and suggestive themes. Program is not appropriate for children.
Language Mild language used Program may contain usage of strong coarse expletives and infrequent use of moderately strong language. Program may have crude and frequent language, mild to moderate use of profanity, mature humor, etc. Program may contain hard language, persistent use of one of the harsher sexually derived words.
Sex and Nudity No sex or nudity behavior. There might be scenes with kissing and hugging in the Program. Program may contain implied nudity or sexual activity, but in a not graphics. There may be sexual references and innuendos. Sexual activity may be briefly and discreetly portrayed, without strong detail. There may be strong verbal references justified by context in the Program. Program may include strong or prolonged scenes of graphic sexual content along with nudity.
Violence Program may include little or no realistic violence. Program may contain violence may be more realistically and/ or graphic. Acts may tend to be rooted in fantasy, or comedy and will be generally of self-harm may be moderate but it will not dwell on great detail. Violence may include more graphic acts, including self- harm and sexual violence, but gore will not be prolonged or excessive. Violence may be gory, cruel or extremely graphic or disturbing long with the usage of strong language.
Alcohol / Tobacco / Drug Usage No substance used / depicted in the Program Program may have reference to and/or images of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs or drug misuse may be present, but it will not contain explicit depictions of such misuse of illegal drugs. Program may have alcohol, tobacco or drug usage / misuse may be depicted but the Program as a whole will not promote / glamorize it. Program may include reference to and portrayal of alcohol, tobacco and drug consumption as well as drug abuse may be included.

“U Digital follows the Code for Self-Regulation of Online Curated Content Providers which has been agreed and signed up by us along with all other companies carrying on business in India and published by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (“Code”). U Digital will only take cognizance of those complaints that detail content violation issues as specifically highlighted in the Code.

All matters will be construed in accordance with the laws of India and courts of Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising in connection with the Code.”

If you have complaints about the content available on the site, kindly submit your complaints at feedback@arre.co.in with the following details:

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Name of the show/content which you have a complaint about
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